Are you and your team ready for Group Coaching with me?

Hi, I am here ready to listen and help grow your business!

Are you and your team ready for a gear shift change and prepared to work with me and do what it takes to learn, grow, and scale? Are you ready to work together and identify the opportunity and determine a clear direction for your business and ready to put in the hard-yards?

I will work with you to set up a clearly understood direction, upskill with the appropriate expertise, set KPI’s and prioritisation over the next 3, 6 or 12 months depending on your needs, budget and time. My Group Coaching program is an essential partnership commitment between you, your team and myself to work together to start, scale, and turbo charge your business. I cannot wait for the opportunity to work with you

Whether you are a Start-up, a medium to large business or simply want to launch your new business ideas and need help, My Group coaching Program will be a pivotal, structured pathway in making your business dreams a reality.

This is what I really enjoy about my job! I know you will reap the benefits from my 1:1 Group Coaching, so, let’s get started!

Let’s work together and scale-up your eCommerce business, and work on a clear direction and business strategy

Group Coaching is ideal for you if say yes to any of the below:

  • You feel there is a lack of a clear direction for your business
  • You find it difficult to focus and prioritise work and the ship keeps steering in different directions
  • You need guidance and help to manage your business strategy and processes
  • There is potentially a gap in your team’s expertise eCommerce website, SEO, Paid Advertising, budget, sales and marketing plans and eCommerce and marketing strategy where you and the team would find it useful to learn new skills
  • You have not had the return on investment for all your eCommerce and marketing efforts
  • Want to commit and invest in your business and grow and unsure of where to start, and you also don’t have a large budget
  • You’re looking to flip your business or need to digitally innovate to survive and don’t know where to start
  • You want to game change your business, work with the expert in best in class eCommerce, Digital and Marketing strategies, and Start-ups.
  • You help to get things done quickly and efficiently for hyper-growth

How I will work together in partnership with you

  • My 1:1 Group coaching offers a no-nonsense, structured, and practical approach leveraging from over 15 years of technical and business experience with proven success across hundreds of industries both local in Australia and Globally.
  • I will partner with you to identify what is required, help you focus on the prize, provide practical advice, tools, and templates, guide you personally to achieve your monthly and yearly goals. I will help you plan, strengthen and grow your business
  • Throughout this exciting journey, you and your team will be working harder but smarter, celebrating successes, having fun along the way, and most importantly achieving the goals you set out to from the beginning!

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