Let’s work together & Grow your eCommerce business

Do you want to transform and scale your eCommerce business? I offer On-demand digital & eCommerce solutions to suit your needs and budget.

Whether you want to update your new website, create a new APP, transform and scale your existing system infrastructure, launch marketplaces, Drop-Ship, or set-up your own eCommerce business, I am here to help

My business capabilitty includes development of Progressive or Native Web Apps, system integration, eCommerce re-platform or transformation, gamification, Beacon Technology

I offer cloud-based DevOps using some of world’s best talents in design, development for all on-demand digital solutions globally. Platform experience includes Shopify Plus, WordPress, Magento 2, Hybris Cloud, BigCommerce, Weebly, Squarespace. We use highly responsive, trustworthy, extensible, fast, and reliable modern platforms with CMS (Content Management Systems).

If you want the best in class eCommerce or Digital Solution, reach out for a chat to discuss your needs and budget

Tech Stack includes:

  • C#, Java/2EE, PHP, HTML, Python, Ruby
  • Progressive Web App (PWA) Angular, Node.js
  • Mobile/App technologies - iOS and Android, Flutter, ionic
  • Web technologies - .Net technologies, Single Page Applications & Front end
  • Security and encryption technologies
  • API development - REST and GraphQL (Apollo/Prisma)
  • AWS with API Gateway, Lambda, AppSync ECS/EKS
  • MS SQL Server, AWS Aurora, MongoDB
  • Teamcity Octopus AWS
  • Codepipeline Jenkins for CI/CD build and deployment.

eCommerce & Digital Services